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How to apply hair extensions?

Human hair extensions are in high demand. Women like wearing human hair extensions because the texture blends well with their own hair and it lasts longer.
Apply them generally need to go to the salon. But we can do it by ourself at home. Looking there to get it.

Nano hair

“Apply nano hair extensions can be done at home, no need going to salon.”

1. Carve off a small section with your bead loader.
2. Pull the hair into the bead loader.
3. Slide a nano tube onto the natural hair.
Insert the nano tipped hair into the tube on the underside of the natural hair.
4. Crimp the tube into place using your closing tool.

Micro hair extensions

     The micro bead technique is the smallest and most undetectable hair extension technique available that also combines strands of natural hair with the extension hair.
     The new 'Glue Free' way to have natural long lasting hair extensions. Individual sections of hair already connected to a micro ring for quick easy use. As this is real human hair you are able to style it in whatever way you desire.
     The small size and lightweight nature of the micro rings means that extensions can now be applied in areas where previously extension hair could not be attached. The hair extensions can be cut, curled, straightened & styled just like your normal hair.

Tape in hair extensions

1. Before anything else, be sure to wash and dry your hair like how you normally would.
2. Separate horizontal parts across your scalp, around one inch from your neck’s nape. You can use either your fingers or a comb to make the parts and apply the extensions near the area where you’ve done the part.  
3. Tie the top of your hair up to secure it, making it easy to apply for the extensions without risk of your hair falling and having trouble.
4. Remove thin parts of your hair (non-clipped) to sandwich the hair between the top and bottom of your extensions. The hair parted needs to be thin, so the tape will be able to stick in your hair.
5. With the thin portion of your hair, attach the bottom extension to it. Make sure to remove the strip covering the tape, then place it under the thin hairpiece. To attach the top extension, remove the piece that covers the tape and then presses it on top of your hair strands, sticking to the bottom extensions. Hold it together for about half a minute to secure the extensions fully.

Tape in hair extensions
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Remy Human hair Extensions

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