• Halloween Hairstyles? Here They Come.

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    Halloween Hairstyles? Here They Come.
    Halloween will be here sooner than you think, and you know what that means: It's time to start putting together ideas for your looking. Here at Laavoo, we're definitely obsessed with Halloween — but we also understand that while some people go all out, there are others who prefer to be a little more low-key when it comes to the festivities. Now, makeup is definitely of utmost importance for this holiday, but you've also got to make sure your hair is on point if you really want to be charming. Whether it's part of a character...
  • How To Choose The Hair Suits Your Face Shape

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    How To Choose The Hair Suits Your Face Shape
    Many people are always dissatisfied with their hairstyle, face shape, even look. Actually, everything is fine. Maybe the hair just doesn't match your face shape. Learning how to part your hair according to your face shape can help accentuate your cheekbones, soften sharp angles, and even lengthen your face. Our hair can shape our face based on texture, shape and length, but the way you choose your hair also plays a key role in how good your face looks. 1. Hairstyles for round faces: Side-part with weave If you have a round face, you need to make your...
  • What Are Hair Extensions Made Of ?

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    What Are Hair Extensions Made Of ?
    Your super long hair looks great flowing in the summer breeze. And we’ve seen kols make beach waves or mermaid waves lately with their extra long wavy hair in terms of artistic modeling even their weddings! But, how do we get extra long & wavy celebrity hair? Of course by choosing hair extensions! And which material should we choose? We've seen many common types of hair extensions in this blog -What are the different types of hair extensions?It mentioned about the artificial chemical fiber and human hair. Some of us may still not know these two things very well. Let’s take a look of their difference~First of all, the materials of hair extensions can be...
  • Hair Styling? In The Morning!

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    Hair Styling? In The Morning!
                  How to prepare a satisfying hairstyle in the morning?     Here are some recommendations of easy going out hairstyles for work, parties, even Burning Man Festival!    Sometimes we're wearing full makeup and the hottest clothes of the season, however it just seems not the dazzling you that you imagined. Actually, besides makeup and dress, hairstyle is a very impressive part that unconsciously affect your whole look, just like when we see the stars’ hairstyle on the red carpet.    So if you want an effortless but gorgeous look, let’s do it next morning! Back-combed Updo The pronoun of romantic and elegant. No matter what...
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