What kind of hair color is suitable for Halloween?

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Halloween, which many people are looking forward to, is coming soon. To paint makeup on this day, it is of course essential to choose a hair extension that matches the makeup. So, today LaaVoo will teach you how to choose the color of your hair to match a few classic Halloween makeup.

1、Skeleton makeup

Skeleton makeup is the never-fading theme makeup for Halloween. So, what color hair should be used with skull makeup? First of all, the balayage #8/60 color number is suitable for skull makeup. Maybe you can try the balayage #8/60 color number tape in hair, so it looks a little more scary.


Or you can try the darker balayage#1B/6/27 color number. Does this color look good too?


 2、Clown makeup.

This classic Halloween makeup will never go out of style. So, what are the hair colors suitable for clown makeup? We recommend #18/613 tape in hair for you. Do girls with this hair color and clown makeup look a little cute and playful?


3、Fox makeup

So we don’t want to paint a makeup above, we want to paint an animal makeup, what color hair extensions should we match? Here we recommend #60 color I tip Remy Human hair extensions. Isn't it a bit more amazing to match up like this?


If you're looking for other animal makeup, such as rabbit or cat, this hair color will go well with you and your friends will be amazed by your hair and makeup.

4、Wounded makeup

Many people also choose to paint a wounded makeup on Halloween. A good hair color and a realistic wounded makeup look beautiful and scary. The tape in hair extensions of #1000 color are of course the first choice. Imagine how it feels to stand in front of you with a silver-haired, injured person? Is it more in line with the atmosphere of Halloween? Or you can match it with a darker #1 or #1B.



The bell of Halloween is about to ring at midnight, the pumpkin lantern flashes with weird candlelight, werewolves, clowns, vampires, skeletons, are coming to you...

Run! ! !

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