We accept VISA, Master Card, PayPal

When you pay by credit card, may and will, be refused payment by the bank.

The reasons may be as follows:
1. The purchase amount is over $150. Solution: You can choose to purchase infractions or pay with PayPal (Paypal also pays by credit card).
2. You are on vacation now while you want to mail it to your home. The bank will detect that your IP at this time is different from the IP address issued by your bank card. Solution: You can pay with PayPal, and you can let your friends use their cards to help you.
3. You filed a chargeback in the previous purchase of the product.

It's a relatively easy situation, and the best solution is to pay with PayPal.

If you have any other questions, please contact us. We may not respond to you immediately due to the time difference. Please wait a little. 

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