Halloween Hairstyles? Here They Come.

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Halloween will be here sooner than you think, and you know what that means: It's time to start putting together ideas for your looking. Here at Laavoo, we're definitely obsessed with Halloween — but we also understand that while some people go all out, there are others who prefer to be a little more low-key when it comes to the festivities. Now, makeup is definitely of utmost importance for this holiday, but you've also got to make sure your hair is on point if you really want to be charming.

Whether it's part of a character or you just want to do something cute and festive for the season, there is no shortage of Halloween hair inspiration. If you're not exactly a makeup pro and want something easier, I highly suggest starting with a cool Halloween hairstyle instead, then filling in the rest of the look from there. No need to scour the internet for hours — we've prepared some of the best to inspire your look.

Keep reading to see the best Halloween hairstyles.


1. Braided Halloween hairstyle with ribbons

If you want to keep your Halloween look this year cute and simple, try adding some pink ribbons. Braid the ribbons into your hair the whole way down, then once you’ve tied them off, pull out pieces of the braids to each side to recreate this cute Halloween hairstyle.

Braided Halloween hairstyle with ribbons


2.This lion hairstyle for Halloween

This Halloween hairstyle is all about volume, so make sure you have a texturizing spray on hand . After curling your hair, spray the heck out of it with texturizing spray, then flip your head over and scrunch. Keep repeating until your hair is huge and lion-like, back-combing for added volume.

This lion hairstyle for Halloween


3. This Harley Quinn hairstyle for Halloween

This Halloween hairstyle doesn’t require any props or accessories, so it's perfect for anyone planning their look the night before Halloween. Take two sections of your hair, spray them with a red and blue temporary hair dye, then use the same color makeup, like eye shadow and blush on your face. Your clothes are best paired with red and blue of the same color. Then you are a perfect Harley Quinn.

This Harley Quinn hairstyle for Halloween


4.These upside-down braids for Halloween

These upside-down braids are such a cute Halloween hairstyle that can be worn at work, school, whatever. Most of your time recreating this look will be spent upside down as you French braid each side of your hair, then once you’ve wrapped and pinned the ends into two double buns, stick a couple fake spiders on the back of each one to really amp up the look.

These upside-down braids for Halloween

5. Low Halloween ponytail with a zipper part

A zipper part is such a simple way to add a spooky ~edge~ to your Halloween hairstyle. Plus, the two braids feeding into a low ponytail give it a really ~sophisticated~ look.

Low Halloween ponytail with a zipper part


6. This Joker Halloween hairstyle

How sleek does this Joker hairstyle look? To get your slicked-back hair to stay in place on Halloween, start by painting or spraying on a temporary green hair dye (leaving the bottom third of your hair alone to get this reverse dip-dye look), and once it’s dry, dampen and comb it all back, then spray with a lot of strong-hold hairspray—seriously, spray until it doesn't move.

This Joker Halloween hairstyle


7. This Khaleesi-inspired Halloween hairstyle

These dreamy, Khaleesi-inspired braids are so damn pretty, you won’t even need a set of dragons to complete your look. Oh, and if braids aren’t totally in your skill set, this spot-on Game of Thrones wig will work just as well.

This Khaleesi-inspired Halloween hairstyle


8.Devil horn buns for Halloween

NGL, this devil horn Halloween hairstyle looks pretty complicated, but just take a front section of your hair and put it into small pigtails. Then after dampening each pigtail, wrap them around into two buns, keeping the pigtails flat so they create a cone shape rather than a donut-shaped bun. And if you want that ~devilish~ blonde color or others.

Devil horn buns for Halloween


9. This Vampire hair idea for Halloween

I love this Halloween vampire hairstyle because it requires little effort to get mega results. Use a curling wand or iron to create big curls away from your face.

Then you can make your hair show any color, red, black, blonde, etc. At the same time your mouth needs to bleed (of course it is fake, ketchup is the best choice)

 This Vampire hair idea for Halloween

10. This Ariel hairstyle for Halloween

If you’re looking for an easy, low-maintenance Halloween hairstyle, opt for this Ariel look. Start by spraying your hair with red temporary dye, then part your hair to the side, and pin a small piece back with these super-cute starfish hair clips.

This Ariel hairstyle for Halloween


11.This cat ears for Halloween

Who needs to buy a pair of cat ears at a Halloween store when you can make them out of your own hair? Recreate this genius look by wrapping strips of hair around two bent flexi rods.


This cat ears for Halloween

Happy Halloween to you!

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