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Injection Invisible Tape in Hair Extensions Skin Weft Healthy Virgin Hair #1B Off Black| LaaVoo

$21.99 $46.98

Weight | 5Piece 12.5g

Length | 14inch

Quality | Virgin Human Hair


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Injection Tape Hair



5Piece 12.5g




Virgin Human Hair

  • Product Description
      Material: 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair
      Color: #1b Off Black
      Hair Texture: Straight
      Extensions Type: InjectionTape Hair Extensions, Pre-Taped and ready to apply
      Quality: VirginHuman Hair, Healthy, Soft and Shine. Won't fall off easily. After waiting for a few hours, the glued hair will be very strong on your head.
      Can do and can't do: Can be Dyed to darker color, Can be Curled, Straightened.
      Adhesive wefts: 4 cm x 0.8 cm
      Shipping time: 3-4 weeks to prepare the hair before shipping

      Injection tape in hair extensions

      What's Seamless Injection Tape?

      Invisible injection tape hair extensions are the newest types of hairpiece in the hair extensions field. They offer a lightweight and invisible look, which makes the hair look like growing from the scalp. No one can detect you wear extensions because of their hand-made skin wefts.

      Benefits of Injection Tape Hair

      • Mimics root growth to give elegance invisible skin looking.
      • Thinner than ordinary tape hair, close to the human skin.
      • Allow applying same as the common tape hair extensions
      • It is new and rare in the hair extensions tech, good chance to sell.
      • Re-tape, reusable, create maximum impact.
      • Great value, and cheap price than the hand-tied skin tape hair.
      • One of the best choice for extensionists.
      • Allow applying the same as the common tape hair extensions.

      apply Injection tape in hair

      About virgin hair

      Virgin hair is the highest quality in human hair product and never been treated with chemicals.It's from one single donor so each bundle you buy should all from one person. This has not been exposed to any kinds of harsh agents and the cuticles all still have to be intact and running the same direction. So virgin hairkeep healthy for long time. The hair can be easily straightened or curled with beautiful results.

      Virgin hair can be easily colored to beautiful color, accept curlied and straighten. It will keep good quality and don't easy to tangled.

      Virgin hairwill last longer than any other type of remy or synthetic hair ,and to be honest purchasing such a virgin hair can be quite an investment , if you're seeking a unit which can maintain and keep for a long period of time then virgin hair would be the best option. Generally, virgin hair can lasting 6 months to 10 months.

      How to choose hair length of hair extensions to match your own hair length
      Before and after wearing tape in hair extensions
      Pay attension to the color match:
      • Different production batches will result in minor deviations in the final dyeing effect.
      • The different blend colors will vary depending on the production plant.
      • This image serves as a rough selection guide. The specific color is subject to the introduction of each product.
      Color shows Balayage Ombre Solid color highlight color shows

        If you are not sure which color match you best, please send your hair pictures to us.
        Other Beautiful Balayage Color:
        Balayage color of tape in hair

        Q: Can I Dye the Hair?

        A:Yes, the hair can be dyed as it is healthy human hair, keep full cuticle and accept free colored. But there is a general rule that lighter hair is more likely to dye dark hair. And we suggest you to ask the hair stylist to dye for you. Always try a small stand of hair first when you dye it.

        Q: Can They Be Straightened, Curled or Tongued?
        A: Yes, you can straighten and curl the hair as you like.

        Q:I don't know which color is right for me.

        A:You can take photos about your own hair and send to email: We will match the best color for you.

        Q: How Long Do the Extensions Last?
        A: General Speaking the virgin hair extensions can last for 6 months to 10 months. And your personal care also matters the life of the extensions.
        In a word, the more you look after them the longer they will last.

        Warm Tips:

        1.Remember NOT to wash hair within 48 hours after wearing hair extensions.
        2.Take extra time for hair care. Remember, extra hair means you'll take longer time in the shower.

        Please don't hesitate to contact us about your problems. We will try our best to make every customer a happy shopping experience on LaaVoo.