Nano Beads Rings for Nano Ring Hair Extensions 200 Beads Per Bag

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Nano rings beads loops are very helpful for nano ring hair extensions installation to avoid the extensions sliding from human hair.

Product Details

Name: Nano rings beads loops

Material: Light Aluminum

Quality: 200

Size:3mm*2mm*2mm,Outer diameter*Inner diameter*height

Color:Black,dark brown,brown,light brown.

Weight:?200 beads

How to Use:

Step 1 : Simply thread the nano?ring onto the threading hook.

Step 2 : Take a strand of your own hair and slide the nano?ring onto your own hair strand by hooking it into the threading hook. Then slide the nano?ring onto your own hair.

Step 3 : Take the extension and slide the nano?bond into the ring from the bottom.

Step 4 : Clamp the ring shut with the closing / opening tool!

Step 5 : Do several rows on back of head and the sides of head.

Step 6 : Cut and style extensions.

The extensions will last several months; depending on how fast your own hair grows.Eventually, the micro rings will have to be removed, or moved up towards the scalp again.

There are two advantages for silicon rings:

1. No damage to human hair. It is because there is very soft silicone lined inside, so it is very safe to human hair even it is pinched very tightly.?

2. No sliding from human hair.?

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