What is Nano Ring hair Extensions?

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Nano bead hair extensions belong to real hair which is the best quality and is a kind of Pre Bonded hair, which can be cut , rolled, dyed according to our own needs to create a natural radian. It is worth noting that hair dyeing can only be dyed from light to dark.


Why choose Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

  • Hair extensions look more natural and invisible, which can be instead of brands .
  • Less damage to our own hair because of using cold fusion.
  • You can frequently add or cut the quantity of hair extensions depending on how much hair you have.
  • Nano ring hair extensions are comfortable, undetectable for us to wear.

I Tip hair Extensions VS Nano Bead hair extensions

I Tip hair extensionsNano hair extensions

Nano ring hair extensions and I Tip hair extensions is all Pre Bonded. Their largest difference is in the roots. As you can clearly see from the image above, Nano ring hair extensions are more invisible than I Tip hair extensions. So the extensions will look more like real hair and more natural.

How to wear Nano Ring hair

how to wear nano hair extensions

  1. Separate the hair into two sections , just above your ears.
  2. Using the threader, hook the hair and feed the bead over the hook, which will make the hair through the nano ring.
  3. Then feed the mental hook from the nano tip extensions into the nano bead
  4. Hode the bead 0.5-1.0 inch from scalp to protect our hair, and insert the point of nano hair through the tube
  5. Flatten the tube by pliers.
  6. Repeat the above steps until you have finished the full head application.

Warm Prompt: Recommend going to a salon to apply for nano ring extensions. If you want to install that by yourself or let your friends help you, please prepare the professional tools at least: Nano Beads, bead application tool, crimp pliers, hair clips.

How to take care of Nano ring hair extensions?

how to take care of nano hair

  • Comb your hair extensions with a spacious wired comb before washing you hair.
  • Use Sulfate-free products to wash your hair in warm water.
  • Do not Rub or Twist your hair when you wash them.
  • Apply conditioner after rinsing off the shampoo.
  • The temperature should not surpass 180 degrees , when we wash our hair.
  • Often use essential oils to care for your hair.
  • Do not wash your hair too frequently.

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