Remy and Virgin Human Hair

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Hair extensions have many grades. What’s the best? Why are they different in terms of lifetime and price? Well, let us know them.


1. What’s the best hair you can purchase?

There is no doubt that the virgin grade is the most advanced hair, followed by Remy hair. They are both real human hair. Material quality, collection methods, and processing make the difference in quality between extensions.

 Remy Hair Extensions: (10A Grade)

Virgin Human Hair Extensions: (12A Grade)


2. Remy & Virgin

"Remy" refers to the alignment of the hair cuticle or the outermost layer of the hair shaft. It is collected from the donor in a way that keeps the hair's cuticles aligned and going in the same direction. When the cuticles are intact, the hair stays silky smooth and is less-prone to annoyances like tangling, shedding, and flyaways.
Virgin hair is human hair that is unprocessed and unaltered. Virgin hair meets any condition of "Remy" but damages less. Keep your hair healthy.

Remy hair VS Virgin hair full cuticle super healthy hair without damage could be colored and heated many times cost lower per day

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3. ‘cuticle hairs’ are only Virgin and Remy.

    ‘cuticle hairs’ only refers to Virgin and Remy.

    Remy Hair keeps 90% normal cuticle and virgin hair keeps nearly 100% full cuticle. A healthy cuticle guarantees long hair quality.

    Chemically free, Virgin hair will enhance the length, color, and texture of your natural ...Remy hair has “cuticles hair” that are running the same direction from root to end.

    Full cuticle hair and cuticle was damaged hair virgin hair

    Hair collected by same donor

    4.Check the Video Show of our Virgin Tape:




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