How to take care of your hair in hot weather?

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A common misconception is that extended hair is not suitable for hot weather. Judging from the sales of hair extensions this summer, many people are still buying new hair replacement products, because on a fine day, you often go on vacation and enjoy the best weather. Also, there will be all kinds of parties. With beautiful hair, you will look beautiful in all settings and your photos.

Although summer has passed, the weather is still very hot. You can and should try your hair extensions. Hair extensions can even slightly help you protect your scalp and hair from hot weather, such as discoloration, broken hair, bifurcation, scalp burning and dry hair. You can wear laavoo hair extensions regardless of the temperature of the weather. Extend the length of your hair and help you cover your hair and scalp, so as to protect your hair and scalp from sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

Why hair extensions are recommended in the hot weather?

How to choose an appropriate amount of hair volume to install? Sometimes it can be hot. So you can choose to get an extension of a half pack or one pack to make your hair natural but very full. Meanwhile, it will not give you a lot of weight, all refreshing but no pressure.


Hot day hair extension line care tips

In addition to regular hair lengthening care, if you install hair lengthening, you need to pay extra attention on hot days.

While enjoying the beach, holidays, long hours of sunlight and fireworks, you can't forget to take care of your hair while enjoying this fun. If you want to use hair replacement as part of your makeup, please make sure it is healthy and beautiful.


Laavoo has prepared some high temperature hair care tips for your hair reception:

Sunscreen: ultraviolet rays will not only hurt your skin; If exposed to the outside for a long time, they will also dry and break your natural hair and hair receiving parts. When exposed to the sun for more than an hour, wear a sun hat.

Swimming: chlorine and salt water can damage your hair. Before swimming, moisten the conditioner with tap water. This can prevent your hair from absorbing chlorinated water or salt water, which is a very unfriendly hair reception.

Maintain moisture: moisture starts from the inside out. Drinking plenty of water can make your skin and hair look good. In addition, you can withstand pressure better. You can also use essence fluid after boiling water to help your hair keep dry and avoid splitting.

Relax yourself and your hair: now is the season to refresh you. Relax and don't expose yourself to the hot sun. You can use less hair dye and hairstyle, let your hair rest and nourish natural vitality.

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