• What Are Clip In Hair Extensions?

    What Are Clip In Hair Extensions?
    Clip-in Hair Extensions can be a wonderful addition to almost any hairstyle. This blog will take you to understand some of the knowledge and advantages of clip in hair extensions. Clip in hair extension is the first choice for increasing hair length, volume and color! They can make your hair longer and fuller in a matter of minutes, thereby changing your appearance. Clip hair extensions have many advantages. This is why they are the favorite hairdressing method for hairdressers and home users. Clip in hair extensions are easy to use and temporary. The application only takes...
  • How to choose the right hair extension on Black Friday?

    How to choose the right hair extension on Black Friday?
    Although there are high-quality hair-receivers on the market, various factors need to be considered before buying. How do I know which type of hair extension is right for me? What is the difference between different types of hair extensions? Through observation and consideration, you can further understand the types, advantages and disadvantages of sending and receiving. This blog highlights the vital information that will be useful when buying hair extensions.    1、tape in hair extensions  The adwantages: ☆ Quick installation: Tape-ins brought the average time for getting extensions down from several hours to as little as...
  • What kind of hair color is suitable for Halloween?

    What kind of hair color is suitable for Halloween?
    Halloween, which many people are looking forward to, is coming soon. To paint a makeup on this day, it is of course essential to choose a hair extension that matches the makeup. So, today LaaVoo will teach you how to choose the color of your hair to match a few classic Halloween makeup. 1、Skeleton makeup Skeleton makeup is the never-fading theme makeup for Halloween. So, what color hair should be used with skull makeup? First of all, the balayage #60 color number is suitable for skull makeup. Maybe you can try the balayage #60 color number...
  • How to take care of your hair in hot weather?

    How to take care of your hair in hot weather?
    A common misconception is that extended hair is not suitable for hot weather. Judging from the sales of hair extension this summer, many people are still buying new hair replacement products, because on a fine day, you often go on vacation and enjoy the best weather. Also, there will be all kinds of parties. With beautiful hair, you will look beautiful in all settings and your photos. Although summer has passed, the weather is still very hot. You can and should try your hair extensions. Hair extensions can even slightly help you protect your scalp and...
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